Indic Localization Standardization Efforts!

Tuesday, 14th December there was a meet organized by Wikipedia team at Red Hat Pune office. Wikipedia team was basically interested in finding the facts about Indic localizations and ongoing efforts for l10n area, which could help them to figure out hurdles being faced by an ordinary person trying to write articles or pages in local content on Wikipedia.

Details about the event can be found from here.

I was supposed to present something on Indic Localization efforts that can help them understand the present state of the localization. For me it was more important to highlight the quality of the content rather than content only, as quality matters end of the day otherwise there will be no use of enormous amount of content you put. For improving the quality of the localizations that we (a language communities) do are different however in the same direction. I have tried to jot down major things in one presentation, where I can showcase the Indic Localization Standardization Efforts and made this presentation! Collected some good ideas about the improvisation of the quality of the content too and I am sure we will work on that.

A presentation is somewhat self explanatory, somewhat needs explanation, somewhat needs discussion.

Thank You!
Ankit Patel

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  1. All the best for FUEL, TQAG, TQAM, Style Guide and UTRRS efforts.

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